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Today, I’m excited to launch, the lightweight and FOSS solution to make basic cryptography operations accessible to regular humans. Keyoxide. from

Split Personality Snaps

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Broadly speaking, most snaps in the Snap Store fall into one of two categories, desktop applications and server daemons. The graphical applications such as Chromium and Spotify use desktop files, which ensure they can be opened on demand by any user via a menu…

Coronavirus: Huge disruption to cancer care revealed

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Cancer care in England has faced major disruption during the pandemic with big drops in numbers being seen following urgent referrals by GPs, figures show. The number of people being assessed by a cancer doctor within two weeks of a referral fell to 79,500…

Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop to gain official Raspberry Pi support?

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While Ubuntu server is officially supported on the Pi 2, 3, and 4 (including the new 8GB RAM variant of the Pi 4), getting the Ubuntu desktop running on the mini PC has so far been a community effort. from

My games in the Snap Store

By mcphail

Fed up of the relaxation of the distancing rules? Has unlimited outdoors exercise caused uncomfortable chafing? Do you want to spend more time in front of a computer screen this weekend? Here’s some games I’ve packaged just for you; all available on the Snap…