Further adventures in the fediverse

By mcphail

I’ve added the ActivityPub plugin to the site, so it should be possible to follow the blog by following @mcphail@neil.themcphails.uk on Mastodon, Pleroma or similar.

Allism Spectrum Disorders: A Parody

By iftttbot

In prevailing literature, people on the autism spectrum have all of their traits, their behaviors, and even their very existence pathologized. from https://theaspergian.com/2018/09/23/allism-spectrum-disorders-a-parody/

Keeping monkeys as pets is extraordinarily cruel – a ban is long overdue

By iftttbot

Most people will have seen at least one headline over the last couple of years describing animal attacks on humans. This needn’t include the elephant from a Zimbabwe National Park that trampled a tourist or the Sumatran tiger that killed a keeper who entered his zoo enclosure in Birmingham. from http://theconversation.com/keeping-monkeys-as-pets-is-extraordinarily-cruel-a-ban-is-long-overdue-122278

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Digging Deeper

By iftttbot

Following from the Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart speaker Teardown post we have been exploring how the Echo Dot works and if it is possible to connect it to a computer to replace the firmware or install third party applications. from https://www.briandorey.com/post/echo-dot-3rd-gen-digging-deeper

Opinion : Is CBD marketing giving people false hope?

By iftttbot

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are popping up everywhere from beauty products to drinks and more. Like the gold rush, we now have cannabis fever with the market estimated to be worth £16bn over the next decade. from https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/cbd-cannabis-legalise-thc-weed-drugs-david-lammy-a9038626.html

Complaints about Facebook’s Automated Edits in Thailand

By iftttbot

Facebook’s AI tool has added some 480,000 kilometres of previously unmapped roads in Thailand to OpenStreetMap, BBC News reports, but some local mappers have been complaining about the quality of those edits, and the overwriting of existing edits by Facebook’s editors: see OSM Forum threads here from https://www.maproomblog.com/2019/08/complaints-about-facebooks-automated-edits-in-thailand/