Fed up of the relaxation of the distancing rules? Has unlimited outdoors exercise caused uncomfortable chafing? Do you want to spend more time in front of a computer screen this weekend? Here’s some games I’ve packaged just for you; all available on the Snap Store for your favourite Linux distribution and ranked in order of popularity.

8 – Alien Rampage (shareware version)

This is a brand new package, released this morning. It is a rather beautiful old DOS shooter with platform and puzzle elements, cracking pixel art and chunky sound effects. There’s plenty of cartoon gore and explosions, if that’s your thing.

7 – Lemmings Christmas

Another one for nostalgia nerds here. Guide your suicidally-dumb-but-surpisingly-capable Lemming charges safely to the exit of some challenging Christmas-themed levels.

This is a demo version of Lemmings with a festive makeover. There aren’t many levels included but the difficulty will ensure an afternoon or 2 of fun or frustration. I haven’t formally released this to the Stable channel yet but the version in Edge works well.

6 – Flare RPG

If you enjoyed Diablo, you might want to try this one. It is a retro-styled 2.5D isometric action roleplaying game in a similar style to the venerable classic.

5 – sc-controller

Not a game, but rather an invaluable gaming application, sc-controller is a utility which lets us use the Steam Controller on non-Steam games. It also permits customisation of the controller bindings and profiles, and can rebind several other controllers. An application which is not otherwise available on Ubuntu 20.04.

Important to note, this snap is not fully released yet. It’ll require some changes in snapd to be able to function correctly. In the meantime, it will work but requires some manual hacking. I’ve seen a lot of demand for this snap so hopefully the plumbing will be added to snapd soon.

4 – Epic Pinball (shareware version)

Getting bored of old DOS games yet? Tough luck – I’ve packaged another one! I really like this pinball game. The shareware version only has one table but it is my favourite table from the full version. Many thanks to the dosbox-staging team for providing an excellent emulation layer. I think it plays well and sounds great. Hopefully you’ll agree!

3 – Tales of Maj’Eyal

With “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews on Steam, make sure to check this out. It is one of the most popular modern Roguelikes with a huge amount of depth and complexity. This isn’t a demo version; it is the full ToME experience. If you enjoy it, please support the developer by purchasing the game or its expansions on their website. If you’re a fan of this style of game, it is solid gold.

2 – Quake (shareware version)

Simply the best first-person shooter ever created. Don’t even try to argue with me – you’ll just make yourself look silly, Bundled with the modern quakespasm engine, I pray I’ve done this one justice. Classic levels, high-speed and fluid movement, satisfying gunplay, dozens of secrets to find, traps to avoid and monsters to frag. What’s not to like? Download this now.

1 – Wolfendoom: Blade of Agony

BOA is a beautiful oddity: an inventive mashup of the sprite-era Wolfenstein and Doom games. This is so much more than the average Doom mod and pushes the gzdoom engine to its limits. (So much so, you’ll need a decently-specced gaming machine to run this well.)

Do you want to shoot some Nazis? Do you want to shoot some Zombies? Do you want to shoot some Nazi Zombies? Do you want to sneak up behind a Nazi Zombie and crush its head with a spade, set it on fire with a flamethrower and then shoot it? You’ve found your gaming nirvana.