Number word sequences

By iftttbot

I was idly musing about number sequences, and the Lychrel algorithm. If you don’t know about this, there’s a good Numberphile video on it: basically, take any number, reverse it, add the two, and if you get a palindrome stop, and if you don’t, keep doing it. from

Looping Music Seamlessly

By iftttbot

I wrote a Python script that lets you loop .mp3 files seamlessly, forever, based on a loop point determined automatically. This means that you can now listen to your favorite video game music on repeat, forever, sounding just like it does in the game! You can download the script here: from

Boosting the Real Time Performance of Gnome Shell 3.34 in Ubuntu 19.10

By iftttbot

As you may have read many times, Gnome 3.34 brings much improved desktop performance. In this article we will describe some of the improvements contributed by Canonical, how the problems were surprising, how they were approached and what other performance work is coming in future. from

Join GNOME in our fight against a patent troll

By iftttbot

A month ago, GNOME was hit by a patent troll for developing the Shotwell image management application. It’s the first time a free software project has been targeted in this way, but we worry it won’t be the last. from

Setting up your own BitWarden password keeper and sync server

By iftttbot

One of the key requirements of pursuing Good Digital Hygiene is using strong passwords, and a different strong password for every application. This is relatively easy to do in theory, with the aid of clever software, but it’s something desperately few people do well in practice. from

Epicyon 1.0 release

By iftttbot

Announcing the first release of Epicyon. This is an ActivityPub compliant server, supporting both S2S and C2S protocols and which can federate with Mastodon from

History and effective use of Vim

By iftttbot

This article is based on historical research and on simply reading the Vim user manual cover to cover. Hopefully these notes will help you (re?)discover core functionality of the editor, so you can abandon pre-packaged vimrc files and use plugins more thoughtfully. from

LXD, I love you

By mcphail

Don’t ask me what lxd does. Or what lxc does. Or how lxd relates to lxc. I just know that lxd (or lxc – this confuses the hell out of me) is an awesome piece of software. Having snagged a new vanity domain in the .uk release, I decided to bite the bullet and join…