Setting up your own BitWarden password keeper and sync server

By iftttbot

One of the key requirements of pursuing Good Digital Hygiene is using strong passwords, and a different strong password for every application. This is relatively easy to do in theory, with the aid of clever software, but it’s something desperately few people do well…

UK still behind in cancer survival despite recent surge

By iftttbot

Cancer survival rates in the UK have improved markedly over recent decades but still lag behind those of comparable countries, a major research exercise has shown. from

Epicyon 1.0 release

By iftttbot

Announcing the first release of Epicyon. This is an ActivityPub compliant server, supporting both S2S and C2S protocols and which can federate with Mastodon from

Further adventures in the fediverse

By mcphail

I’ve added the ActivityPub plugin to the site, so it should be possible to follow the blog by following on Mastodon, Pleroma or similar.

Allism Spectrum Disorders: A Parody

By iftttbot

In prevailing literature, people on the autism spectrum have all of their traits, their behaviors, and even their very existence pathologized. from

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Digging Deeper

By iftttbot

Following from the Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart speaker Teardown post we have been exploring how the Echo Dot works and if it is possible to connect it to a computer to replace the firmware or install third party applications. from