In a nutshell, the owner of this website has no interest in who you are or why you are visiting. As a policy, no data is collected beyond the logging of IP addresses by the web server. The site does not – and will not – employ tracking, advertising or analytics.

If you try to log in to the site then it will try to set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser. Of course, you don’t have a login for this site so don’t waste your time visiting that page.

You won’t be able to post comments on this site. Feel free to link and discuss elsewhere. To reiterate, the owner of this website does not care about you. Further, he does not care about your opinions.

This site will not be put behind a proxy, CDN or similar technology. The owners of these technologies have interests in tracking you. The owner of this site does not. This means that you cannot rely on the site being available at all times or any time. There’s no way it could withstand a denial of service attack, or even a benign spike in popularity. Again, reiterating the above, no form of web analytics are carried out. The site could exceed the owner’s bandwidth allowance in a heartbeat and he wouldn’t know about it until it disappears offline. Try to contain your disappointment.

Makes a change, doesn’t it?